A Proust-Apocalyptic Story – via WSJ

The French writer pondered the end of the world in 1922.
By Andrew Schmiege

When Hawaiians were accidentally warned of impending nuclear destruction two weeks ago, I wonder how many reacted the way Marcel Proust predicted. In “How Proust Can Change Your Life” (1997), Alain de Botton recounts the story: In 1922, a Parisian newspaper, L’Instransigeant, asked French celebrities to chime in with their opinions on a big question it had concocted…

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Zeppelin Guitar Tunings [Note to Self]

Open G: D G D G B D [e.g., “That’s the Way” — Led Zeppelin]

Open C: C G C G C E [e.g., “Friends”; “Hats Off to (Roy) Harper” — Led Zeppelin]

Open D: D A D F# A D [e.g., “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” — Led Zeppelin]

D A D G A D [e.g., “Black Mountain Side” — Led Zeppelin]