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Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please I am writing this letter to you with the strictest confidentiality, I am Frank Adjey from Liberia. I had been reliably informed by my aged mother who is 65yrs old of an amount of money and jewelries in gold that my late father deposited in a security vault in Ghana in my name.

When I collected the documents from her i saw that the amount was not mentioned but it had been labeled personal belonging…but my mother confided to me that the codified box contain US$20 million dollars, and an unspecified quantity of gold.

Right Now we have these arrangement to retrieve out the cash box out of the security company and now preparing to push out the cash box immediately to you in your end, and i personally will be coming over once receive by you.

Please because of our tense political background. We need a trustee like you to receive these cash boxes for us and for our subsequent investment abroad.

Me and my mother have agreed to give 30% to you that is willing to help us to receive our cash boxes.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Best regards.

Frank Adjey

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