By Jorge Luis Borges


(NOTE ON TRANSLATION: Other translators have used the English title The Maker; both English titles refer to the Spanish original El Hacedor.)

PART I (Short Stories)


To Leopold Lugones

The Maker (El Hacedor)
Dialogue on a Dialogue
The Draped Mirrors
Argumentum Ornithologicum
The Captive
The Sham
Delia Elena San Marco
Dead Man’s Dialogue
The Plot
A Problem
A Yellow Rose
The Witness
Martin Fierro
Parable of Cervantes and Don Quixotes
Paradiso, XXXI, 108
Parable of the Palace
Everything and Nothing
Inferno, I, 32
Borges and I

PART II (Poetry)

Poem about Gifts
The Hourglass
The Game of Chess
Elvira de Alvear
Susana Soca
The Moon
The Rain
On the Effigy of a Captain in Cromwell’s Armies
To an Old Poet
The Other Tiger
Blind Pew
Referring to a Ghost of Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-Odd
Referring to the Death of Colonel Francisco Borges (1835 – 1874)
In Memoriam: A. R.
The Borges
To Luís de Camoëns
Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Odd
Ode Composed in 1960
Ariosto and the Arabs
On Beginning the Study of Anglo-Saxon Grammar
Ars Poetica


On Rigor in Science
The Poet Declares His Renown
The Magnanimous Enemy
The Regret of Hericlitus


“Borges is our Virgil; only he knows the way.”
— Alastair Reid

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