Playlist Mix

Beck – Movie Theme (the Information)
Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes)
M83 – Kim & Jessie (Saturdays = Youth)
Bjork – Who Is It? (Medulla)
Amadou & Miriam – Sabali (Welcome to Mali)
Radiohead – Sit Down, Stand Up (Hail To the Thief)
Bon Iver – Re: Stacks (For Emma, Forever Ago)
Led Zeppelin – In the Light (Physical Graffiti)
Autechre – Laughing Quarter (Envane)
Andrew Bird – Plasiticites (Armchair Apocrypha)
Beck – Movie Theme (the Information)

Beck’s Summer Tapes

Colleen- Summer Water
Jens Lekman- Another Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill
Lee Hazlewood- Summer Nights
Al Green- Feels Like Summer
Love- Bummer In The Summer
Brave Belt- Summer Soldier
Marc Bolan & T Rex- Celebrate Summer
Eddie Cochran- Summertime Blues
The Who- Summertime Blues
Guitar Wolf- Summertime Blues
Outsiders- Summertime Blues
Blue Cheer- Summertime Blues
Alex Chilton- Summertime Blues
Eddie Cochran- Summertime Blues
Jens Lekman- A Sweet Summers Night On Hammer Hill
Michael Kelly Brewer- I Survived The South Bass Island Summer Of 82
Belle & Sebastian- A Summer Wasting
Ross Johnson- Theme From A Summer Place
Rob Crow- Over the Summer
Girl Talk- Summer Smoke
Lee Hazlewood- Summer Wine
Little Free Rock- Roman Summer Nights
Grandaddy- Summer Here Kids
Beat Happening- Indian Summer
Girl Talk- Summer Smoke
Caural- Summer On Cassette
Prince- Sex In The Summer
Jimi Hendrix- Long Hot Summer Night
Of Montreal- Oslo In The Summertime
Pavement- Summer Babe
R. Kelly- Summer Bunnies
Curtis Mayfield- Summer Hot
YACHT- Summer Song
ABBA- Summer Night City
Animal Collective- Summertime Clothes

Music: a language about oneself

I am not actually tone deaf, though it might be better if I were. Music can touch me, it can get at me, it can torment. It just, as it were, reaches me, like a sinister gabbling in a language one can almost understand, a gabbling which is horribly, one suspects, about oneself. When I was younger I had even listened to music deliberately, stunning myself with disorderly emotion and imagining that I was having a great experience. True pleasure in art is a cold fire. I do not wish to deny that there are some people — though fewer than one might think from the talk of our self-styled experts — who derive a pure and mathmatically clarified pleasure from these medleys of sound. All I can say is that ‘music’ for me was simply an occasion for personal fantasy, the outrush of hot muddled emotions, the muck of my mind made audible.

— Iris Murdoch, from The Black Prince

No More Runnin’ :: Animal Collective

No more runnin’, says my mind
All this movement has just proved your kisses hard to find
Older harmony that I see
Friends I once had turn their thoughts away from me
No more runnin’, I’ve got to breathe
On back porches with the torch of a firefly lit tree
It’s what I hope for
It’s what I hope for
No more runnin’
No more runnin’
I locked my bones and trapped my feet
I told them I found ’em a place to be
And stick like candy in your teeth
When you lose your faith in me
No more runnin’, says my mind
All this movement has just proved your kisses hard to find
It’s what I hope for
It’s what I hope for
No more runnin’
No more runnin’
No more runnin’
No more runnin’

Zeppelin Guitar Tunings [Note to Self]

Open G: D G D G B D [e.g., “That’s the Way” — Led Zeppelin]

Open C: C G C G C E [e.g., “Friends”; “Hats Off to (Roy) Harper” — Led Zeppelin]

Open D: D A D F# A D [e.g., “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” — Led Zeppelin]

D A D G A D [e.g., “Black Mountain Side” — Led Zeppelin]