Giving Gordon Gekko that Patrick Bateman edge…

More and more Wall Street types are undergoing testosterone treatments “in the hope of being turned into alpha males,” said Charles Wallace in the Financial Times. Exhausted from “working Stakhanovite hours” and fearful of losing their jobs, many bankers and traders hope male-hormone supplements will “sharpen their faculties and makes them more competitive.” Dr. Lionel Bissoon, who once treated women for cellulite on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, now specializes in testosterone therapy. “Ninety percent of my patients have some involvement in the finance industry,” he says. While some blame testosterone for the “machismo and aggressive risk-taking” that caused the financial crisis, Bissoon’s patients swear by the stuff. It promotes “the positive side of aggression,” says John, 40, a venture capital executive.

— The Week, February 24, 2012

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