Professor Bartholomew Von Simpson Presents: The Science of Technical Nameology, or, How to sound like an expert without really trying

a lurch of drunkards
a frenzy of psychopaths
a snide of gossips
a drab of accountants
a flatter of hairdressers
a slither of yes-men
a tremble of freshmen
a scrimp of landlords
a shallow of debutantes
an annoyance of mimes
a carp of critics
a gripe of actors
a bombast of politicians
a dribble of Republicans
a stubble of uncles
a bleak of pessimists
a slack of procrastinators
a drone of teachers
a groan of comedians
an ooze of network executives
a squelch of chaperones
a swaddle of  baby-sitters
a grumpy of principals
a deft of magicians
a chill of assassins
a scam of televangelists
a creep of thieves
a muddle of experts
a bawl of infants
a pester of perfectionists
a squint of astronomers
a cram of students
a shout of ventriloquists
a quagmire of bureaucrats
a drub of bullies
a primp of fashion models
a crimp of chiropractors
a cruller of dietitians
a briny of sailors
a chirp of cheerleaders
a gloat of millionaires
a prey of lawyers

— Matt Groening, Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life: a wee handbook for the perplexed

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