Last Verses

These verses weare made
by Michaell Drayton Esquier
Poett Lawreatt
the night before hee dyed

Soe well I love thee, as without thee I
Love nothing; yf I might chuse, I’de rather dye
Then bee on day debarde thy companye.

Since beasts, and plantes doe growe, and live and move,
Beastes are those men, that such a life approve:
Hee onlye lives, that deadly is in love.

The corne that in the grownd is sowen first dies
And of on seed doe manye eares arise:
Love this worldes corne, by dying multiplies.

The seesds of love first by thy eyes weare throwne
Into a grownd untild, a harte unknowne
To beare such fruitt, tyll by thy handes t’was sowen.

Looke as your looking glass by chance may fall
Devyde and breake in manye peyces smale
And yett shewes forth, the selfe same face in all;

Proportions, features, graces just the same,
And in the smalest peyce as well the name
Of fayrest one deserves, as in the richest frame.

Soe all my thoughts are peyces but of you
Whiche put together amkes a glass soe true
As I therin noe others face but yours can viewe.

— Michael Drayton (1631)

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