By and by my hamper of books

W. Hewer tells me that upon enquiry, he doth find that Sir W. Penn hath a hamper more than his own, which he took for a hamper of bottles of wine, and are books in it. I was impatient to see it, but they were carried into a wine cellar, and the boy is abroad with him at the House, where the Parliament meet today, and the King to be with them. At noon, after dinner, I sent for Harry, and he tells me it is so, and brought me by and by my hamper of books, to my great joy, with the same books I missed, and three more great ones and no more — I did give him 5s for his pains; and so home with great joy, and to the setting some of them right.

— Samuel Pepys, diary entry 21st September 1666

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