To Alberto Caeiro

Peaceful, Master,
Are all the hours
We lose if we place,
As in a vase,
Flowers on our
Losing them.

There are in our life
No sorrows or joys.
So let us learn,
Wisely unworried,
Not how to live life
But to let it go by,

Keeping forever
Peaceful and calm,
Taking children
For our teachers
And letting Nature
Fill our eyes . . .

Along the river
Or along the road,
Wherever we are,
Always remaining
in the same, easy
Repose of living . . .

Time passes
And tells us nothing.
We grow old.
Let us know how,
With a certain mischief,
To feel ourselves go.

Taking action
Serves no purpose.
No one can resist
The atrocious god
Who always devours
His own children.

Let us pick flowers.
Let us lightly
Wet our hands
In the calm rivers,
So as to learn
Some of their calmness.

Sunflowers forever
Beholding the sun,
We will serenely
Depart from life,
Without even the regret
Of having lived.

— Ricardo Reis, 12 June 1914

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