Open-at-random sentence of the day :: Infinite Jest

And then it turned out, when a cat aggrieved Letz by scratching his wrist in a particularly hostile fashion on the way into the receptacle, that doubled Hefty SteelSaks were such quality-reinforced products that they could hold something razor-clawed and frantically in-motion and still survive a direct swung hit against a NO PARKING sign or telephone pole without splitting open, even when what was inside split nicely open; and so that technique got substituted around United Nations Day, because even though it was too quick and less meditative it allowed Randy Letz to take a more active role in the process, and the feeling of (temporary, nightly) issues-resolution was more definitive when Lenz could swing a twisting ten-kilo burden hard against a pole and go: ‘There,’ and here a sound.

(Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, pg. 544)

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