The Captive :: J. L. Borges

The story is told in Junin or in Tapalque. A boy disappeared after an Indian attack. People said the Indians had kidnapped him. He parents searched for him in vain. Then, long years later, a soldier who came from the interior told them about an Indian with blue eyes who might well be their son. […]


By Jorge Luis Borges . . (NOTE ON TRANSLATION: Other translators have used the English title The Maker; both English titles refer to the Spanish original El Hacedor.) . PART I (Short Stories) Introduction To Leopold Lugones The Maker (El Hacedor) Dreamtigers Dialogue on a Dialogue Toenails The Draped Mirrors Argumentum Ornithologicum The Captive The […]

Solitude is enlightening but if it does not lead us back to society, it can become a spiritual dead end

By John Burnside aeonmagazine ‘I have a great deal of company in my house; especially in the morning, when nobody calls.’ Henry David Thoreau’s remark about his experience of solitude expresses many of the common ideas we have about the work — and the apparent privileges — of being alone. As he put it so […]

Literary Allusion in the Age of Google

By Adam Kirsch One of my favorite stories from World War II concerns the great British travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, who in 1944 led the daring mission to kidnap the commander of the German forces occupying Crete. The general, Karl Heinrich Kreipe, was held captive in a mountain cave, where one morning the […]

To Walker Evans

Against time and the damages of the brain Sharpen and calibrate. Not yet in full, Yet in some arbitrated part Order the facade of the listless summer. Spies, moving delicately among the enemy, The younger sons, the fools, Set somewhat aside the dialects and the stained skins of feigned madness, Ambiguously signal, baffle, the eluded […]