Notes on a poem / Can you guess?

Notes on a poem are like anatomical lectures on a piece of roast beef.
–August Wilhelm Schlegel, Aethenium Fragment 40


Believing in tradition and always straining at new insanities; frenetically imitative and proudly independent; awkward in what is superficial and accomplished to the point of dexterity in what is profoundly or gloomily ponderous; congenitally vapid but striving to be transcendental in feeling and outlook; comfortably and seriously entrenched against wit and frivolity, and inflamed by a sacred abhorrence of these qualities. Can you guess to what great body of literature these traits correspond?
–August Wilhelm Schlegel, Aethenium Fragment 58


[from Friedrich Schlegel: Philosophical Fragments, translated by Peter Firchow]

The Thinker As Poet :: Martin Heidegger

The Thinker As Poet

(Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens)

Martin Heidegger (1947)

* * * * *

Way and weighing

Stile and saying

On a single walk are found.

Go bear without halt

Question and default

On your single pathway bound.

* * *

When the early morning light quietly grows above the mountains….

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